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CYCLE RIGHT Stage One Delivery

  • At an off-road location trainees take:
    • Theory and Rules of the Road training.
    • Core bicycle-handling and road-skills training.
      • Starting, stopping, balancing, pedalling and cornering.
      • Turning left and right, including shoulder-checking and signalling.
      • Cycling with other cyclists.
      • Cycling in a simulated road environment.
  • On-road training:
    • Trainees take part in trainer-led cycles, guided and directed on correct positioning and decision-making on the road.
      • Recognising potential hazards on the road.
      • Where to be on the road, when to look and signal.
      • Road signs, road markings, bike infrastructure – how to use them.
      • Surfaces and weather.
      • Parked cars.
      • Junctions and how to approach them.
      • Simple roundabouts and how to approach them.

CYCLE RIGHT Stage Two Delivery

  • At Stage Two after completing the Cycle Right Online course, trainees take an active role with regard to decision-making on the journey in a trainer-facilitated format.
    • Journeys in a more complex environment.
      • Higher traffic volumes.
      • Ranges of speeds.
      • Road positioning to best protect cyclists.
      • More complex (two-lane) roundabouts and how to approach them.
      • Traffic-light controlled junctions.
      • Changing position within a group of cyclists.
      • Hazards – what to expect and how to handle them.

CYCLE RIGHT Stage Three Delivery

  • At Stage Three after completing the Cycle Right Online course, trainees take the lead role on the journey, planning the route and making active decisions with regard to positioning and interaction with traffic, in a complex environment with the trainer in an accompanying role.
    • Planning a journey and what to consider:
      • Maps, GPS
      • Local knowledge
      • The best route to cycle
    • Journeys in challenging environments:
      • High traffic volumes.
      • Moving through stopped and slow moving traffic.
      • Complex junctions including complex, multi-laned roundabouts.
      • Defensive positioning for cyclists.
      • Cycling in a group in a complex traffic environment.
      • Large vehicles and how to cycle near them.
      • Anticipating hazards and other problems on the road and taking appropriate action.

Cycle Right Trainer Training

CYCLE RIGHT Trainer courses are run by Cycling Ireland, the national governing body for cycling, the trainer registration body for the programme and the managing organisation for the CYCLE RIGHT programme nationwide.

Courses are currently scheduled for:


Course Venue Course Dates Status
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