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The CYCLE RIGHT programme delivers best-practice cycle training across Ireland and gives school pupils across the country the chance to train to cycle their bikes with skill and confidence and to experience cycling on the road, for what may be the first time for many.

If you are considering becoming a trainer you will need to sign up for the CYCLE RIGHT registered trainer’s course.

Courses are run by Cycling Ireland, the national governing body for cycling, the trainer registration body for the programme and the managing organisation for the CYCLE RIGHT programme nationwide.

  • There are a number of stages to the training process which include;
  • Submitting a business plan for intended CYCLE RIGHT activity, to include targeted area(s) of operation, target trainee numbers annually and ability to meet trainer-to-trainee ratios (a working arrangement with at least one other registered trainer to meet on-road requirements)
  • Taking part in the blended training course (a mix of online and practical training)
  • Keeping a trainer’s log of activity, to include session plans and self-reflective feedback
  • Delivery of training for a 6-month probationary period in an assistant capacity
  • Taking part in post-course assessments
  • Fulfilling registration requirements, including evidence of
    • Garda Vetting (through Cycling Ireland)
    • Tax Clearance
    • First-aid Training
    • Safeguarding Training
    • Appropriate liability insurance

You will also be able to see what areas across Ireland are offering training and where opportunities to become involved in the provision of CYCLE RIGHT may lie.

Course Outline

The CYCLE RIGHT Trainer's course covers the following areas:

  • Course Planning and Scheduling
  • Preparation of session plans
  • Delivery of:
    • Theory and Rules of the Road sessions
      • pre-cycle checks
      • signs, markings, road and bicycle infrastructure.
      • sharing the road with other vehicles and pedestrians.
    • Yard-based skills and road manoeuvre training
    • Cycling in groups
    • On-road training with novice, improver and advanced cycling groups
  • Communication and Training Skills
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk Assessment
  • Route Planning
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Course marketing and promotion
  • Course administration


The CYCLE RIGHT Trainer's course takes place in a blended format, with online sessions and offline task work followed by two days practical training delivery for participants. Trainee trainer’s will be assessed continuously and will have regular feedback from the course tutors.

Course training will be delivered on a peer-to-peer basis, with post-course assessment in the field with age-appropriate participants.

For information on upcoming courses and to register your interest, email

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