Is there a cost involved?

The Department of Transport, with the Road Safety Authority, part funds the programme. The remaining cost of training will vary according to additional supports from local authorities and/or local sports partnerships. Taking these into account, trainers will be able to confirm the balancing cost of training per participant due to schools/parents in your area.

Who can access training?

Training is available to ONE class level per primary school annually, recommended to be a senior class grouping (4th, 5th or 6th) according to school preference. 

The exception is where schools have combined classes (eg 5th and 6th combined) – here groupings may participate together, but the school will only be able to avail of training again when they have a group of children who has not been involved in training before.
This will ensure that as many children as possible can access CYCLE RIGHT Stage One training.

PLEASE NOTE: Local authorities may have stipulations with regard to target class groupings which will impact on the funding they contribute, which is separate from CYCLE RIGHT funding, as outlined in point 1.

Who can take part in training?

CYCLE RIGHT is an inclusive programme structured to include those who may not have cycled independently before and those who may have a disability. The on-road element of training is a goal for all participants, but each trainee will complete training appropriate to their individual learning curve, skill level and outcomes reached, which may or may not result in training on the road.

Is the programme available through irish?

Availability of training delivered through Irish language will be a matter of discussion with trainers at local level.

Is training available for older children, students or adults?

The CYCLE RIGHT programme is structured to include cyclists through from novice to experienced level, over Stages One, Two or Three. 
You can discuss your requirements with your local trainer who will advise on options available.

Do you need to have a bike and helmet to participate?

You should discuss with the trainer you are hoping to train with – some trainers have a range of bikes and helmets available for use, some do not.

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